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Your Wintek internet service order is submitted.

Next steps

Building and activating your service will take approximately 10 — 12 weeks to complete.

1. Connection Specialist visit

Thank you for ordering Wintek internet service. Because we offer fiber-to-the-home internet, we must complete what’s called “drop construction” — which brings the fiber from the main line along the road to your home. A Wintek connection specialist will visit your property, consult with you and establish a connection plan.

There is no fee for drop construction of 1,000 feet or less from a mainline to your home. For connections that must exceed 1,000 feet to be successful, a fee will be incurred. Wintek will make every effort to keep your drop construction under 1,000 feet. However, Each connection is contingent on unique distance and / or obstacles.

Any fees required will be disclosed when you receive your plan from your connection specialist. You will see and sign off on this plan before any drop construction begins.

2. Drop Construction

Wintek contractors will build the fiber line per the approved plan. You do not need to be present for this work to take place.

Prior to drop construction, Wintek will contact 811 to mark public utilities (e.g., sewage, water, gas). You are responsible for marking private utilities (e.g., septic system, lawn irrigation, pet fencing). To mark private utilities, you must solicit the services of a private utility locator. A fee may apply.

3. In-Home Installation

Once your drop is built and tested, Wintek will call you to schedule your in-home installation.

In-home installation is free, meaning there is no cost / fee to run fiber line inside your home. Your equipment (e.g., modem and router) are included with the fee you pay for monthly service.

We will bring the fiber from the outside of your home to the inside, install the fiber gateway, and verify that the WiFi signal is working throughout your home. We will call you to schedule this visit, which may take up to four hours.

When the appointment arrives, someone 18 years or older must be present. If you need to reschedule, please give us at least 48 hours’ notice.

If you have an additional structure

Wintek will connect one service to your property. We will not extend one service to a barn or additional building on your property.

Such a connection would require a second, separate service with a second, separate monthly charge for that service (e.g., one bill for your home and one bill for your barn).